A digital association, a double moral standard and a lack of proper rules in a crisis

Imagine there is a large digital association. Somewhere in the world. We can call it Moktib. It has many members. Large and small. Regional and global players. Start-ups and international corporations. Important and not so important. Then there is a war. In Europe. Against international law. The aggressor is the Putin regime. The association is highly displeased. The industry is too. With good reason. Blue and yellow flags are being raised. In solidarity. You have to take a stand in these times. Then there is a member. A medium-sized company in that country. Part of an international corporation. Active in cyber security. The holding company is registered in London/UK. So far, a valued member. An active member. A value-oriented member. However, the CEO of the group is a Russian citizen. In addition, the company bears his name. What to do? Now that there is a war?