Crisis shows how resilient partnerships are. And in a crisis, the character of every human being is displayed.

In the past two weeks, I have had a completely new professional experience. The brutal war of aggression on #Ukraine is a turning point. We are experiencing endless suffering. Compared to this, my professional experiences are nothing, nothing at all.
But I have experienced interesting behaviors and activities. I work with great pride and deep dedication for Kaspersky – a superb global #cybersecurity company with Russian roots.

So far, I have always been a welcome guest, been invited as a speaker to panels and asked for my opinion and advice. For the past 10 days, I often feel under collective blame. I and my company have been accused of being a perpetrator and having indirectly bleeding our hands. I get highly emotional, aggressive phone calls and emails, I get disinvited from events, I get avoided.

Crisis shows how resilient #partnerships are. And in a crisis, the #character of every #humanbeing is displayed. I would like to thank everyone who has accepted my offers to talk, who has been open to transparent, fact-based information and arguments. I also received a lot of positive feedback. For that, I say thank you very much.

Many thanks to Eintracht Frankfurt, who listened to us, asked us for our opinion and, on that basis, made their decision to stick with the sponsorship with us. I would like to thank all customers, parners and everyone who spoke to me over the past 10 days and did not ignore me.
I hope for an end to the #war, an end to the violence. I hope for a new basis for German-Russian and European-Russian cooperation, as Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz mentioned in his government statement last week in the Bundestag.

I ask you all for your #trust and for #fair and objective treatment, despite all emotions. #Thankyou!

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